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Letters to the Editor: Keep publishing positive news stories, Boy Scout urges

I am a member of Burbank Boy Scout Troop 209 and I am working on a communications merit badge. I have been asked to send a letter to an editor as part of my requirement.

My mom doesn’t let me read the newspaper very much because there’s so much bad stuff happening in the world, but she does let me read the good stuff that the Burbank Leader puts in. So, the more positive stories you run, the more I can read! And I believe that would make everyone happier, too.

I like stories like the one about the Burbank police department painting their cars pink to address people about cancer awareness. I saw one of the cars at the station the other day and I remembered your article.

Ogden Lucsik




I have said it many times to anyone who would listen and according to the evening ratings at KFI, that number might be fairly small. I moved to Burbank because of the cops, the schools, and other city services. (This city is a race track and a casino away from being paradise!)

I didn’t have the best experience with LAUSD nor did they have an amazing 12 years with me either, I call it a wash. I was never a proponent of public schools, but that all changed when I moved to Burbank. The schools in Burbank are incredible, with the most wonderful teachers and counselors, and I want to keep it that way!


The politicians in Sacramento are doing a lousy job of providing funding for education, but we can change that here in Burbank. The single best way to keep your property values increasing year to year is to have the greatest school system in SoCal. Please join me in voting “Yes” for Measure QS to ensure our local students receive the funding they deserve!

Tim Conway Jr.

KFI AM 640 host



There is a long list of things that are useless. I name only a few of them here: 1) a white crayon 2) a glass hammer 3) a knitted condom 4) the ‘g’ in lasagna. To this list I add another item that easily surpasses them all: the bike lanes on Verdugo Avenue. I drive this route several times a week and can count on one hand the number of bicyclists that use these lanes. Get rid of them!

Mike Davison

Toluca Lake