Laguna Beach artist Mitch Ridder was...

Laguna Beach artist

Mitch Ridder was recently awarded first place in Artist’s Magazine

2002 National Art Competition for his Animal Art watercolor.

According to the magazine


his watercolor was judged on entries that featured images of any

animal in any setting, on the innovative handling on the subject and

the expression and rendering. His painting of an elephant won in the



Art category and will be presented in the December issue of the

magazine. He was also awarded a check for $2,000. He competed with

more than 14,000 artists throughout the United States, Australia, New

Zeeland and Europe.... Laguna Beach resident Cara Stewart was named

to the 2002-03 Board of the Orange County American Marketing Assn.

Stewart is vice

president of programs for WunderMarx, Inc. The OCAMA board

of directors consists of 12 professionals elected from the general


membership from throughout Orange County. OCAMA is a professional

organization dedicated to supporting the personal and professional

career development goals of marketers.

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