Funky weather with solid surf swells


We've been having some funky weather down here at the beaches

lately. Usually found at the beginning of summer, the June gloom has

been hanging on this last week giving us some cloudy days. It is

supposed to get nice this weekend though, as we head back to our

normal conditions. The surf's been up with the south swells

continuing to roll in, so I know a lot of you have been getting your

surf time in. And the water temps have jumped back up into the upper

60s making it nice out there. Only a couple weeks left before the

groms have to go back to school as summer has been flying by quickly.

The Elmore Tour is coming to town this week, ready to run its

World Qualifying Series one-star event down at Goldenwest Street, Aug

23-25. There are a few different divisions; pro mens and women's,

juniors, open mens, masters, women's and the air show too. Some

former champs include, Huntington Beach's Jason Haughey, who's been

ripin' it up; Newport's Todd Miller and San Diego's Seth Elmer. Look

for the Surf City residents to capitalize with the home break

advantage. The prize money looks good too -- $2,500 for a win in the

pros and $500 in the air show will definitely up the ante for all the

hopeful's looking for the big win.

I hear the Orange County Sanitation District is now disinfecting

part of the sewage with chlorine, which is a step in the right

direction. But I also hear that this disinfection method has some of

its own dangers too. Chlorine combines with complex chemicals in the

primary sewage and forms potentially toxic hydrocarbon compounds,

which are not good for dolphins, whales, fish, swimmers and surfers.

Disinfected sewage is not the long-term answer, we need full

treatment like all the other major sanitation districts. Clean ocean

water isn't too much to ask for.

High five to the Huntington Beach Surf Museum, Liz Tice and the

crew, who kicked off the new Duke Kahanamoku postage stamp with some

hot vintage surf bands playing at the pier and other festivities

during the month of August. I heard it was a blast.

Hot shot Surf City resident Timmy Turner was on the cover of

Surfer Magazine this month in that killer barrel. He also kept tales

of Indo in a journal. He talked about surviving in the jungle while

surfing perfect waves. You can catch Timmy working at the Sugar Shack

on Main Street when he's in town serving up their great food. All the

surfers eat there.

Meanwhile, the Figster got slammed by his board about a week ago

and is dry docked with a ruptured ear drum, so no surfing for a

month. Be careful out there. See ya.

* RICK FIGNETTI is a six-time West Coast champion, has announced

the U.S. Open of Surfing the last eight years and has been the

KROQ-FM (106.7) surfologist for the last 15 years where he's done

morning surf reports. He owns a surf shop on Main Street. You can

reach him at (714) 536-1058.

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