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Arts and Pageantry


This weekend the Pageant of the Masters, Festival of Arts and the

Sawdust Festival are making final curtain calls for the season.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed, but I guess when


there are so many incredible events in the art community and

festivals -- it makes time fly.

It would be hard to define what event was my favorite because I

had the best summer ever. But I would have to say that this year’s


pageant was phenomenal. What was really cool is that I watched it

unfold from the casting call, to tours backstage of each of the

departments during Laguna’s Heritage Week and finally its ending.

I think everyone involved with the pageant should take a huge bow.

What an incredible display of brilliance and talent.

All the amazingly talented local artists that make Laguna Beach

the artist colony and art destination that is also deserve applause.

And [seven-degrees] always puts on the sparkle with art and


events. It’s an incredible place and art experience.

So it’s a must to do the last weekend art shuffle and go to the

festival and Sawdust.

For more information about the Festival of Arts, call 494-1145 or

better yet, just go because entrance is free for Laguna Beach

residents with proper ID. The Festival is at 650 Laguna Canyon Road.

The rock and blues band -- probably Laguna’s favorite band --

Missiles of October will perform from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. tomorrow at


the Sawdust. The Sawdust Festival is at 935 Laguna Canyon Road.

For more information, or an entertainment schedule, call 494-3030

or go to

Reggae and African dance at Bluebird concert Sunday

Reggae will be igniting the merriment at this Sunday’s Music in

the Park concert. Mongoose will be providing the musical talent while

California Choreographers Dance Festival will perform African dance.

Don’t miss out on this mixing of the arts combo platter at

Bluebird Park this Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. The concert is free.

Barnett has first

Laguna showing

Fila Barnett, who has been an artist most of her life with

showings in SoHo and all over the country, will finally have her

first local show after living here for nine years.

The one-woman show opens at Morgan Stanley on First Thursday’s Art

Walk with an artist reception from 6 to 9 p.m.

Barnett is a mixed-media artist, abstract expressionist and

colorist who uses Aboriginal and primitive-based objects for her art.

“I paint from the soul and work in vivid colors -- both

impressionistic and figurative. My art has come out of a need to

express myself,” Barnett said.

Her one women show will be exhibiting for a couple of months at

Morgan Stanley Downtown on 302 Glenneyre St.

Barnett, who is a cancer survivor, will donate a portion of the

proceeds from her show to Wellness Community, an Orange County based

cancer center that offers cancer patients free classes and programs.

Still pinching myself over Goodall interview

When Jane Goodall made her first ever Laguna Beach appearance for

a benefit for the Cougar Fund on Sept. 18, I had the pleasure to talk

to her as she continues to make history and make this a better world.

To put down all the accomplishments, experiences, stories and

contributions she has made could take up half of the Coastline for

more than a year.

On April 16, Goodall was named United Nations Messenger of Peace

by U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan in New York City.

“It was probably one of the most incredible days of my life. That

one of my heroes would choose me to be a messenger would be awe

inspiring,” Goodall said.

Up in the gallery at the ceremony, there were a lot of kids from

her Roots and Shoots program. The program was created through the

Jane Goodall Institute that offers age appropriate activities and

programs for children.

Goodall wanted to greet them but couldn’t get up quite high


“Even when I stood on a chair I was four feet below.

So I climbed up the walls to the balcony. I didn’t think about

it,” said Goodall.

It’s about making the world they are in a better place explained


“Children can learn from an early age the truth about the

ecosystem and become better stewards,” said Goodall.

She also passionately believes in the Cougar Fund, which has

become her next great passion.

When asked about some of her memorable experiences she said her

favorite places that she has been are Gombe and Tanzania.

“It’s paradise on earth where the chimps are,” Goodall said.

I explained to Goodall that she was one of my idols and that I was

almost speechless. She told me that a reporter being so honest is an

incredible trait.

Lastly, as we chatted a bit and I told her a little more about

myself -- she told me that I seem very passionate and to never let

anyone take that away from me.

Wow ... what incredible words to hear, especially coming from Dr.

Jane Goodall.

* SUZIE HARRISON is a reporter for the Laguna Beach Coastline

Pilot. She may be reached at 494-4321.