School Board Wrap-Up

The following is from the Sept. 22 meeting of the Laguna Beach Unified School District Board of Education.

Summer school lauded

Faculty and students praised the district’s summer school programs, which offered students an opportunity to catch up or move ahead in various areas of study, including math, writing, reading, geography and health.

Laguna Beach High School Principal Don Austin said the program was a helpful tool for many incoming freshmen as well as seniors who were eager to graduate on time or just wanted to create more space in their schedules for favorable electives.


“Acceleration in summer has proven very beneficial," he said.

Austin said an acceleration program for the middle school level is now being considered.

Texting an issue for board member

The issue of both cell-phone use in classrooms as well as bullying is a concern in both middle school and high school, board President Jan Vickers said.


“Text messaging has become a big issue, and we must support teachers in whatever measures [necessary] so that it does not impede learning," she said. She also said that Laguna Beach faculty is on the watch for bullying and cyber-bullying.