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Letters to the Editor: Supporters of Rouda and Keirstead urge voters to turn the 48th from red to blue

Residents of Newport Beach cast their ballots during election day at the Balboa Peninsula Fire Stati
Voters cast their ballots on election day at the Balboa Peninsula Fire Station No. 1 on June 5, 2012.
(Scott Smeltzer / Staff Photographer)

Reasons to vote for Harley Rouda

As a current elected official representing 130,000 constituents over multiple cities in Orange County, I know that the people of California’s 48th Congressional District deserve better.

They deserve better than their current representative, Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, in Congress, and they deserve better than Democratic candidate Hans Keirstead. The Democratic Campaign Committee knows this, and that’s why it endorsed entrepreneur and attorney Harley Rouda in the race.

The election to flip the 48th District from red to blue is receiving due national attention. Rohrabacher has been dubbed Vladimir “Putin’s favorite Congressman” for his close ties and work with Russia, and if we as Americans want to take back Congress, the 48th is as close to a front line as there is.

That is why the 48th needs Harley Rouda in the general election against Rohrabacher. From the beginning it was clear Keirstead was running just for his own self interests.


Rouda, a pragmatic candidate who has an expert handle on the issues, is already poised for national attention and can run circles around Rohrabacher on a debate stage. Rouda has been endorsed by grassroots and mainstream organizations, and more current members of Congress support Rouda than any other candidate in the race.

California’s unique “jungle” primary system has real potential to lock out any Democrat from making the November general election.

That scenario would be disastrous in any year, but now more than any other election in recent history we can’t let that happen. It’s time to speak and vote with one voice and make sure Rouda is on the November ballot.

The 48th deserves better than to just throw away a real chance at flipping this congressional seat and bringing back dignity to the district and our nation. We must choose country over party. We must choose Rouda on Tuesday.


Gina Clayton-Tarvin

Huntington Beach

The writer is a member of the Ocean View school board.

Reasons to vote for Hans Keirstead

I am writing this piece because I read the letter “48th District needs a centrist” published in the Daily Pilot on May 30 by Tim Geddes of Huntington Beach. I was motivated to get another realistic perspective on Dr. Hans Keirstead, the candidate of choice, whom I support 100%.

I reside in Huntington Beach. I am a union member, I am fully employed, and I received my college undergraduate degree in marine biology. I became interested in politics recently because of the result of the 2016 presidential election.

The commentator mentioned that Keirstead was too progressive and that we needed a moderate. In my opinion he is a little of both, but he is also pragmatic. He can win by sticking to the issues that even Republicans and the like can relate to.

The top issue that sees no color is health care. Is Keirstead a Medicare-for-all kind of guy? The answer is yes.

However, he wants to first fine tune the current healthcare laws quickly to make capitalism drive down the cost of healthcare, but also introduce a bill down the road to implement Medicare-for-all without scaring people off who are not proponents of Medicare-for-all. That’s why Keirstead thinks logistically, and is strategic and realistic on how he can help Congress pass laws to make it happen.


Keirstead owns successful biotech companies and provides great benefits to his employees. He has the experience to work with the small business sector, which is the heart of America’s enterprise.

He will work with these constituents to maintain and strengthen the overall economy to successfully compete in today’s global marketplace. Keirstead has done it. He came from nothing and became successful in life through his own right and relentless hard work.

Bottom line: Keirstead is all about issues first. Now more than ever, data and facts matter. It is what should drive policy-making. It is what shapes society. It is how it affects our lives.

I see Keirstead as a matter-of-fact kind of guy, who cares about what is occurring in our lives, with a touch of “progressivism.” I encourage everyone in the 48th District to support Keirstead.

Cindy Huynh

Huntington Beach

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