Get The Ink Out: Boat parade brings family together

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is not my favorite Christmas song, but boy was it the perfect song for Friday night's Christmas Boat Parade, put on by the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce.

I know, I know, it was raining, enough to make me think we were in San Francisco, but I'm happy to say everyone on the Chamber of Commerce boat, which led the parade, from the oldest adults to the smallest kids, didn't let the weather kill their Christmas cheer.

Among others on board our vessel were Channel 5 Weatherman Henry and Lisa DiCarlo and their two children, Traditional Jewelers owner Lula Halfacre and her daughter, Natalie, Beth and Tim Shield, Patricia Moore, Cara and Mark Lies, and chamber Membership Services Director Pam Smith.

I was lucky enough to be able to bring my boyfriend, Chris, my parents, Fred and Cindy, and my baby sister, Kelli (she's just finished her first semester at college, for those of you who have been waiting on an update).

I haven't seen my mom have such a good time in, well, a long time. All it took was putting her on a $3-million yacht, provided by McKinna Yachts, with some hot cocoa to make her act like a teenager, cheering and waving to the crowds who braved the cold and wet weather.

Dad had a great time watching our captains pilot us around the bay, while Chris had a blast taking photos of all the boats, houses and spectators. I was happy to see them all have such a good time.

At the end of the night, as we disembarked, I realized I have no idea what William Lobdell was talking about in his column ("Boat parade is great — for everyone else," Dec. 17). I would go again, whether I was on a boat or on the shores.

In fact, I think being on the shore might be better. After the parade's gone around once, you can go grab a bite to eat, go wrap presents or just plain go home and warm up. But if you're very lucky, like one house we saw, you can go sledding as the boats glide past. But on the boat, you're there until the very end.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I loved being on the boat, talking to the other guests, seeing all the homes (I have a few picked out to buy when I win the lottery) and how they were decorated, and generally enjoying so many people together for one purpose: to have fun!

Oh, and for the record my favorite Christmas songs are "Jingle Bells" and "Carol of the Bells," which I think the Muppets did the best.

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