Mailbag: Please bring back the Five Crowns brunch

I imagine you will read and receive many more important emails, but to me, nothing could be more important than the horror I discovered today: Five Crowns is no longer serving brunch, and they have no plans to resume!

I am admittedly being a tad dramatic, but I am truly saddened to learn that such a local landmark has stopped a signature service. And secretly I am hoping that perhaps a piece in the Daily Pilot that discusses the significance of Five Crowns brunch could influence the owners to resume brunch.

My family has celebrated numerous birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions at Five Crowns. Brunch has always been a favorite because we have young children who need to go to bed way too early. We just adored spending a lovely morning with Tommy, enjoying champagne and sumptuous prime rib.

I am starting to consider that I may have a slight addiction to the restaurant if I am compelled to write to you about this issue, but I can't help but think others may feel the same way. As such, I implore you: Help us bring back brunch at Five Crowns!

Kathy Nickerson



Lost ferrets

Someone in Costa Mesa, or the surrounding area, has my two ferrets, and I am offering a $1,000 reward. I've hired a pet detective who came out with bloodhounds. I have posted fliers and ads on the Internet every day, and have been told by a psychic friend of the family who helps with missing things and murder cases that someone has them and does not want to give them back!

I also got a tip recently from a lady who saw an ad for my ferrets on one of those "members only" selling sites that are just starting on Facebook. After searching for a month, spending more than $3,000 (I am an unemployed student, so it is a lot more to me than to most people) and moving to Southern California so that I could look for the ferrets, I have decided to contact all of the local media.

There are just so many people in Costa Mesa and in Orange County that I cannot get these ferrets back alone.

If you find my pets, write me at

Kelly Bessem

Anaheim Hills


City transparency

Costa Mesa City Councilman Steve Mensinger has been quoted repeatedly regarding the lack of transparency on the city's contracts with the labor groups.

After reading his quotation, "the public had no clue," in regards to employee contracts, I did one search on the Internet and got most of the recent and historical contracts. I then went to the city website and simply searched the term "contract."

Somehow, the veil of secrecy was lifted, and I got all of the contracts for everything from police and fire to dump trucks and street repairs.

The fact is anyone can see the contracts at any time. As we have seen repeatedly time and time again, the current council majority spins its stories without regard to truth and viciously attacks anyone who challenges its fabrications and falsehoods.

Clay Epperson

Costa Mesa

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