Start the Presses: Upcoming changes in the news

Editor Dan Evans

This coming week is a pretty big one for our publication. If you missed the editor’s note last week, here’s a recap in form of an editor’s column:

The Glendale News-Press will see the most changes. We are ceasing publication of the Sunday edition — Feb. 9 will be the final one — and replacing it with a larger, more in-depth edition on Saturdays. This new edition, called “Weekend” will have all of the Sunday features, including the always popular “In Theory” column and Marquee, our award-winning arts and entertainment section.

In addition, starting Thursday, Feb. 13, we will begin publishing a zoned edition of the News-Press focused on the Montrose and La Crescenta neighborhoods. Since the closure of the Crescenta Valley Sun in 2009, many residents have requested that we focus more of our energies on news in the Foothills.

I think it’s high time we did just that. People look to the News-Press because of our fairness, accuracy and comprehensiveness. The reporters and editors of the paper adhere to the highest level of ethics and transparency, a main reason you have read me time and again in this space explain our decisions, our successes and, yes, our failures.


The story choices in the paper are the decisions of myself and my editors, and will never be dictated by a decision by a business to purchase an ad or a choice not to do so. This is known in the journalism world as “The Wall,” as in the one separating my job from the work of my colleagues on the advertising side.

Because of this, I believe we can cover the Crescenta Valley better than anyone. We’re just better at it. Our aim is not to make friends or enemies. We look to be a true mirror of the community, not a sugarcoated quasi-reality. The former is the benchmark of democracy; the latter is dangerous.

Look for our version Thursday. I’m looking forward to seeing the paper quickly regain the influence it lost with the demise of both the Crescenta Valley Sun and the Foothill Leader.

Additionally, we will be removing all of the stand-alone news racks of both the News-Press and Burbank Leader, moving these to inside retail, office and residential spaces. Why? I’m shaking my head sadly as I write this, as the reason is patently bizarre.


But it’s true, so here you go: theft. Have you wondered why you were unable to grab a copy of the paper, even in the early morning hours? Well, turns out a rogue group of recyclers would follow around our delivery truck and grab the papers shortly after they were put in the box. My guess is this was being done for recycling purposes, though the money gained seems hardly worth the effort.

So, the logical thing to do is to move the papers inside. That way, they’re less likely to be kidnapped and more likely to be read. Additionally, the papers will be available inside Los Angeles Times news racks, and will continue to be available as part of a Times subscription.

As soon as I have a full list of retail, business and apartment locations of the News-Press and Leader, I’ll be sure to disseminate that information both far and wide.

Finally, this coming week will mark the first meeting of the News-Press Community Advisory Board. The Burbank board will have its debut meeting in March. I’m looking forward to what both boards will have to say about the paper, both what they like and what they’d like us to improve.

A successful publication needs a balance between what its editors feel a community needs to know about, without ignoring what its readers want to see. Our variety of stories, from ones about Eagle Scouts to sports teams to political corruption, try to strike that balance. But without feedback, we’re in the dark, and these boards are a way for me to strike a match.


DAN EVANS is the editor. He can be reached at (818) 627-3234 or

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