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Letter -- Dave Bryce

Lots of money, money, money on the streets of Glendale, on the

sidewalks, on people’s lawns, in people’s driveways, in the alleys and

hidden in backyards.

Last Monday I took a short drive through the city of Glendale and


attempted to count the shopping carts that were removed from markets and

illegally disposed of on other people’s property. After I counted 1,000,

I quit and went home. The city had $100 per cart, if they would start

issuing tickets for the removal of these carts. That’s more than $100,000


just for Monday night. Can you imagine how much the city would collect in

one week if it enforced these laws?

The city is not supposed to feel sorry for these persons who illegally

remove and litter our streets and sidewalks with shopping carts. They are

all old enough to understand the rules and regulations of this city.

Some of our streets have signs posted that say “Neighborhood Watch.”

These signs should be changed to say “Neighborhood Catch.” That way,

maybe the people who watch these persons with the carts will help and try


to catch these persons instead.