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Reel Critics

Good life lessons no matter the planet

Mary Burkin of Burbank is an actress, lawyer and writer.

Sometimes, even with a penchant for implausible situations and

shamelessly contrived tears, Steven Spielberg gets it right. He got it


right 20 years ago with “E.T.” -- one of those movies that has something

of value for everyone. The kids can relate to a sweet, gentle,

candy-loving alien from outer space, who really, really wants to go home.

The grown-ups can relate to a single mom so devastated by her


husband’s abandonment that she doesn’t even notice a small green man

raiding her refrigerator.

And anyone can be touched by the big heart of a little boy, who

teaches us that kindness, courage, loyalty and hope are virtues worth

sharing with more than one planet.

So if you’ve seen this one before, go see it again with older, wiser

eyes. And if this is your first time, hopefully you can check it out on

the big screen again in 20 years.


Message is of love, compassion

Mary Mardirosian of Glendale is a teacher at Clark Magnet High School.

Although I do not remember the first time I saw “E.T.”, I do remember

that even though I was very young, I felt touched by the film.

Its message of love and compassion has stayed with me over the years,

despite the fact that I was too young to register the actual movie in my


“E.T.” is a film that brings, not only the family together, but also


everyone who sees it. Whether this is a child’s first time viewing the

film or an adult’s millionth time, this movie allows those who watch it

to experience a deep sense of empathy.

The power of this film amazes me. It survives the test of time. This

is why its re-release will surely succeed. Even if “E.T.” is not the

box-office success it once was, it will be a success to all those who are

touched by it. Its message of love and the simple innocence of the film

leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

“E.T. -- The Extra-Terrestrial, The 20th Anniversary” is rated PG.