No Leash


I have a dog that doesn't like to take walks on a leash so I propose that there should be a special license that can let dogs walk off leash. In order to get this license, the dog would have to take a test and pass.

In the test the dog would go through neighborhoods, on mountain trails and pass other dogs and pedestrians. If the dog was walking past another dog and it attacked it, it would not pass, same thing would happen if it approached a pedestrian. If the dog did not pass, it could go to training and take the test again later. You could even have the training place give the test. Once the dog passed the test, it would get a special tag and number.

To keep dogs on leash makes them feel less in their natural environment. If dogs are allowed to get an off-leash license, there will be more well-trained dogs because their owners will me more motivated to train them. It is not fair to treat all dogs the same because some dogs are well trained and others are not. They all are different, like us.

Thank you for taking your time to help me with getting my Boy Scout communications merit badge.

James Christensen

La Cañada

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