Snap more photos at city's traffic lights...

Snap more photos

at city's traffic lights

Yes, I think Costa Mesa should install more cameras to snap

pictures of drivers running red lights. Too many people are driving

extremely fast, with reckless lane-changing and tailgating. Give them

tickets, fine them and take away the licenses of repeat offenders.



Balboa Island

Fix Newport-Mesa schools properly

Clearly Measure A was not enough. All anyone has to do is take a

quick drive around Newport-Mesa and look at the schools. Apparently

consultants had to be hired, and it took them months to see that our

school facilities had fallen into a state of unacceptable disrepair.

Don't even get me started on why the facilities were not kept up

in the first place. We passed Measure A, which was basically a big,

expensive Band-Aid.

For five years, crews worked on the campuses and found that they

were only scratching at the tip of an iceberg.

Some upgrades were made, and some things got fixed. Projects got

behind schedule, because there were too many projects for the

contractors to handle. Money ran out. This is beginning to sound a

lot like my kitchen remodel.

Now school district officials are back and need more money. Well,

folks, let's give it to them, and a few extra millions, so that they

can get the job done right.

Let's fix our schools as an investment for the future of our city

and our children. Then, after everything is fixed, let's give them

the money to maintain the facilities.

The bottom line is, we have the money in our communities to fix a

problem that is not going to go away. Let's invest in our schools and

make them a safe and nice place to be.

And while we are at it, let's give our hard-working teachers a pay



Costa Mesa

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