“It has become an absolutely politicized issue, and a phony one at that.”

— Councilman John Drayman on Glendale Unified School District Board of Education President Greg Krikorian's earlier call for more cooperation and collaboration between the two government bodies.


“We're here tonight because there's a new City Council sitting on the dais. There's no way the old City Council would have touched this.”

— Councilman Frank Quintero on the pending adoption of a finalized set of zoning code amendments and ordinance that will be the last, major piece of the design review process overhaul.


“It's a chance to show off all the random tidbits you know.”

— Kristofer Coffman, junior from Glendale High, on the quiz show-style competition known as the Scholastic Bowl.


“I didn't know that the scientific method was so complicated.”

— Lincoln Elementary School student Molly Strawn, 11, after learning about science from students at Clark Magnet High School.


“It's great he's offering the building for free, but no, we don't have the resources to take a building.”

— Mike Lawler, president of the Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley, on a more than 90-year-old home in Montrose that is slated for demolition. The property owner has offered the structure to any organization willing to transport it to another site.


“It's a wonderful thing to know that Nick has his name on a real live park. And it doesn't matter that it's a small pocket park. What matters is that La Crescenta, where Nick was born and raised, really cares about him.”

— Carolyn Steinbacher, on the recent dedication of an oak tree in the name of her son, Nicholas Steinbacher, who died while serving in the United States Army in Iraq in 2006, at the newly opened Pickens Canyon Park in La Crescenta.

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