Mayor objects to sign proposal

Mayor John Drayman, who called on the city to create a series of neighborhood signs as his first request on taking office, objected to a staff proposal to use the same generic design for each community.

The design proposed was the one originally created for Drayman's home area of Montrose, with the community name and city seal over a background of the Verdugo Mountains.

Drayman said when he proposed the program, he intended to return to one in place up through the 1970s, with unique signs for each community. Planning director Hassan Haghani said staff research only located two of the designs, one of them Montrose.

Haghani said custom signs would likely cost much more than the $100 a sign in the staff proposal, with a total of $12,000 sought for the whole program. He was also concerned about the cost of staff time to talk to neighborhoods about what the local design should be.

Drayman said if the original designs can be found, only a few new ones would be needed, for newer areas like Emerald Isle or Rancho San Rafael. “I remember there was a horse and rider for the Rancho district, and a palm tree for Tropico,” he said.

Councilman Dave Weaver objected that a neighborhood map included in the report used Scholl Canyon as a name for his home area, Chevy Chase Canyon. Haghani said some of the other names might be proposed for changes by the neighborhoods after the city completes the general plan process.

The map showed as community names Montrose-Verdugo City, Crescenta Highlands, Sparr Heights, Whiting Woods and Montecito Park, among many others in the city.

The issue was returned to staff for another try, along with a search for the missing sign designs and a new cost estimate.

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