The Redevelopment Agency on Tuesday unanimously approved a plan to restructure the Alex Regional Theatre Board as Glendale Arts, a new nonprofit umbrella group that, in addition to bringing the historic venue to self-sufficiency, will be charged with promoting arts citywide.

As a nonprofit, Glendale Arts will be in a better position to capture funding grants. As an umbrella organization representing the interests of other artisans, it can more easily attract corporate sponsors and private money, city officials said.

All of that will be important as the Alex Theatre strives to become financially self-sufficient before its annual $415,000 subsidy ends in 2015. Theater officials are also touting the new structure as a symbiotic relationship between the venue and other arts groups who will soon be able to take advantage its box office services.

That, in turn, would create an additional revenue stream for the theater.

Even with the cross-promotional opportunities, several on the agency made it clear that they wanted to see the city devote more resources to the arts in the future, such as creating more high-end gallery space and possibly a museum and other venues.


Glendale Arts will continue to receive the annual $415,000 subsidy from the city as it now implements the management structure and begins new program development.

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