The City Council will hold a public hearing at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday to elicit comments on a proposed Hyatt Place Hotel planned for 225 W. Wilson Ave.

The plans for the 11-story, 172-room complex includes four underground-parking levels with 231 spaces.

The current site on the corner of Wilson and Central avenues is a city-owned parking lot with 59 spaces. Adjacent properties include one- and two-story cafes, restaurants and small businesses.


The public hearing is the first of many steps for the proposed project, officials said. An environment review and more hearings will be scheduled for the 18,827 proposed site.


Council members will consider approving Glendale Water & Power's Green Partners program, a city-run proposal that will allow residents to purchase green power for their own use and push the city closer to its Renewable Portfolio Standard. The five-year program would generate nearly $3.4 million in new funding for the city to purchase other green power credits and an additional $237,704 in City Utility Users Tax.

Water & Power provides about 16% of its energy requirements from renewable resources every year, officials said.


If approved, program enrollment is slated to run from August to December.

Property owners of a single-family home at 3612 Linda Vista Road are asking the council to rid their property of signs that prohibit cars from turning left into or out of the house.

The signs were erected in 2006 after the home's construction and modifications to Linda Vista Road in the interest of public safety.

The Traffic and Parking Commission recommended the council approve the prohibition against left-turns but the issue did not pass at the June 24 council meeting because of two conditions tacked on to the sign's removal. Officials wanted the property owners to fund the cost of improvements in the area up to $10,000 and wanted the homeowners to indemnify the city against lawsuits should accidents result from a left turn in or out of the property.


City staff members are seeking direction on the matter.

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