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In theory: Rev. Jeri Linn

Pope Benedict XVI recently launched the first ever Vatican YouTube channel. The channel will carry liturgical events, audiences with the pope and other papal activities. Benedict said that “wise” use of such technologies helps promote the search for “the true, the good and the beautiful” across borders and ethnic divisions. How important do you believe technology is to the evangelist of the 21st century? How do you use technology in your own church?

Good for Pope Benedict XVI! I agree with his views on the wise use of technologies to spread “the good, the true and the beautiful” message.

At this time, our church is working with a new webmaster who is creating an entirely new look for our church’s website. It’s “under construction” and all of us in our congregation are looking forward to a fresh new look. New visitors to our church have told me that they often use the Internet to search for a new church home.


Not only is the website a place for current members to check schedules for services, mid-week classes and special events, but it is also a very valuable marketing tool for the “new” target audience that our church would like to reach. Three years ago, I attended a church management seminar. Our facilitator talked about the “insular trend,” meaning that people are staying home, doing their shopping online and looking for churches that they can participate with online.

It’s reasonable to think of our present congregations expanding to include the online church community. I’m very much in favor of utilizing all current and future technologies that will help spread the gospel, or Good News message. These technologies are channels of sending words of healing, harmony, wisdom, order and prosperity to the world.

 JERI LINN is pastor of Unity Church of the Valley. Reach her at (818) 249-4396.