JV Wrap

The Falcons JV team continued their winning streak (8-1 league) last Friday afternoon when they took on the Nitros at Glendale.

Strong shooting by Vinny Espinoza, who slammed 13 points in the first half, led the team to a 33/17 score at half time.

Glendale came out fighting in the second half, quickly grabbing 12 points in the first five minutes of the third quarter. The Nitros Steven Gasparian was especially aggressive, scoring nine in the third, 18 overall. At the fourth it was 50/44 CV with 1:19 on the clock, and tension was high as the Nitros poured it on, but with CV in bonus, Glendale couldn’t catch the Falcons who left the boards 57/47 at the final buzzer.

Their streak ended on Monday with a loss to Pasadena, but the Falcons recovered enough to take on and win the Hoover Tornadoes at Hoover on Wednesday afternoon 64/59.

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