Priest starts new series at St. Mark's church

Father James Furman, assisting priest at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, started a new series titled, “A Bevy of Bishops: the Ever-Changing Episcopate” in January.

His new Sunday morning series traces how the work of the bishop has adapted over the centuries.

“The work changes, and the expectations change simply because society is constantly changing,” he said. “The work of a bishop today is quite different from 20 centuries ago.”

The series highlights 13th century bishop St. Thomas of Hereford.

“The reason I chose him is because he raises the question: What is a novel bishop?” Furman said.

However, Furman feels that St. Thomas' work is still relevant to the work of bishops today.

“When you know that you are the successor to this person of quality, of actual brilliance, there's a great sense of living up to standards,” he said.

The current Bishop of Hereford, Rt. Rev. Anthony Priddis, acknowledged Furman's series on St. Thomas.

“I am glad to see that our saint, Thomas of Hereford, will be a theme in a study series in Los Angeles,” Priddis said.

“I know [Furman] as a priest eager to share Christ's message and to strengthen the unity of the Anglican Communion.”

Furman returned to St. Mark's Episcopal Church 18 months ago at the invitation of its current pastor, the Rev. Mark Weitzel.

Originally ordained at St. Mark's in 1975, Furman left his post as assistant priest in 1977 to work as an assistant rector at St. Mary's Mariposa Episcopal Church in Los Angeles.

His career path took him to various churches in San Diego, Honolulu and Encino.

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