Hot air found at Chateau Salon

It was B.Y.O.B. party last Monday night, June 8 at Chateau Salon in Montrose.

No, it wasn’t a bottle that ladies brought, but blowers — as in hair dryers.

Owner Marianne Bayramyan said she decided to have the party “because I always hear clients say, ‘I wish it would look like this when I did it’ or ‘It never looks the same when I do it.’” Bayramyan added that sometimes her clients seem to outright avoid her if they see her in public. “Before saying hi, it’s ‘Don’t look at my hair, it looks really bad today.’ I figured that everyone can style their own hair if they know how to use the right products and technique, and practice.”

So 20 ladies each paid $20, or purchased two products, to attend the B.Y.O.B. event. Bayramyan had clients bring in their own blow dryers and she would have them blow dry one half of their hair the way they would do it at home. Then she and a Chateau Salon stylist observed them and made suggestions, showing them the proper way to hold and pull. The clients would then finish the second half of their hair with the new instructions and product and the end result, according to Bayramyan, was “much better.”

She said that with professional help from the experts, one-on-one coaching, some wine and snacks the evening was a success. “The clients had fun and learned how to style their own hair the salon professional way,” she said.

Chateau Salon will be hosting similar events in the future. To learn more, contact Chateau Salon at (818) 957.8127 or visit the website

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