Many thanks to all who battled blaze

Now that cleanup is behind us and we have started to think about what the El Niño rains might bring, the Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club would like to take this opportunity to thank some wonderful people for their actions during the Station fire.

First and foremost, thank you to the brave and skilled firefighters from numerous jurisdictions for their diligence and hard work in protecting our neighborhoods. The incredible effort in and around the La Cañada Country Club area and the controlled burns at the top of Rosemont and Briggs were carried out flawlessly, and were a textbook example of the training and professionalism of these fine men and women. We are all so grateful for everything you accomplished.

In addition to the actual firefighting, the club wishes to thank the city of La Cañada, which did an outstanding job of keeping us informed and up-to-date with its website. Los Angeles County and Glendale law enforcement kept the residents and affected areas safe, in spite of the difficult evacuation process.

The La Cañada Unified School District and the Glendale Unified School District also responded promptly and with great concern for our children. The phone communications were greatly appreciated.

Our neighborhoods came together and supported one another during this disaster, and we are all proud to be residents of our diverse foothill community.


La Crescenta

EDITOR’S NOTE: Murphy is president of the Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club.

Kimber’s article made reader smile

Dan Kimber’s column (“Teacher finds a sudden lesson,” Sept. 18) about the “elevator incident” was very funny. It was funny when it was first printed in “The Choking Doberman and Other Urban Legends” by Jan Harold Brunvand, in 1984. Of course, the key player in that version was Reggie Jackson. Urban legends are so interesting.



Museum would be a great boon to city

The addition of the Museum of Neon Art to Glendale’s thriving downtown district would be wonderful (“Museum closer to Glendale move,” Sept. 23). The collection and programming offered by this innovative museum would add greatly to our city’s art life.

MONA is the curator of many period neon signs that have guided Southern Californians for years. A few years ago we made a donation to MONA to help preserve the neon sign from Studio City Camera Exchange. Money well spent.

Anything we can do to facilitate the smooth transition of MONA to our city would be time well spent.



Design disasters in Montrose

Great things are happening in Montrose — a possible new Trader Joe’s (“Trader Joe’s seeks Montrose location,” Sept. 18) and a makeover at the Vons shopping center (“Vons will get a makeover,” Sept. 24).

So who in their right mind designed the hideous building on Verdugo Road and Broadview Drive?

Did it not go through a five-person Design Review Board? I am not an architect nor a designer, but I do know that the building is a misfit and looks like a prison.

Now, it looks like another disaster is going up on Ocean View Boulevard and Sunview Drive. All one could hope for is buildings with architecture that fits the area they are being built in.

Now the question is, who in their right mind will lease them?



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