“If the protocols get signed, it would call the Armenian Genocide into question. And that is not acceptable.”

— 24-year-old Berj Parseghian, co-organizer of a 96-hour hunger strike on Glenoaks Boulevard across from the Armenian Consulate to protest protocols for new official talks between Armenia and Turkey.


“I think we are seeing a lot more people that in the past, for instance, would have gone on vacation or to a different city or hotel, that are deciding instead just to stay home. And they are using a lot of the city's facilities.”

— Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commissioner Rodney Kahn.


“One of the things that is a little bit touchy for me is that the population of the south area is 50% of the city population.”

— Community activist Margaret Hammond on the Glendale Police Department's new area command structure, which divides the city into four districts.


“A lot of the youth are really looking to help their parents and families. A lot of their parents have been laid off.”

— Program Administrator Karine Grigoryan on increased demand for the Glendale Youth Alliance, which matches low-income youth with work experience programs.


“When the stimulus runs out, after that point it's really uncertain what's going to happen.”

— Don Nakamoto, labor market specialist for the Verdugo Workforce Investment Board, on the impending expiration of federal stimulus grants in 2011 that could leave the organization with few resources to fund its job counseling and training programs.


“The numbers were scary dismal to where we thought, 'Gee, this thing is going to bomb.'”

— Love Ride founder Oliver Shokouh on canceling what would've been the 26th annual Love Ride motorcycle charity event.


“It's like counseling.”

— Glendale Community College's guild president Ramona Barrio-Sotillo on recommendations to foster better communication between campus stakeholders.


“Teachers are tying together the Earth, environment and responsibility into what we've done.”

— R.D. White Assistant Principal Juanita Shahijanian on International Walk to School Day.


“A week ago, our bird bath was clean, and then it was just black. It was just sludge inside the bird bath, so you know you are breathing all that in, and that's not good.”

— La Crescenta resident Sharon Raghavachary on the continued mess caused by ash left from the Station fire.


“Expect to leave several times this winter, and also next winter. Don't get tired of evacuations.”

— U.S. Geological Survey Research Geologist Susan Cannon on the likelihood of debris flows this winter in the foothills scorched by the Station fire.

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