MAILBAG: Resources available for gardening

Because we live in an arid climate, unlike Mary’s garden in England, I wanted to give you some information on local resources for making your California garden blossom while using less water.

Foothill Municipal Water District is a water wholesaler who delivers water to Altadena, La Cañada Flintridge and La Crescenta. Some of you received their recent flier about water usage and tips for their customers. The Crescenta Valley Water District is a retailer of water, and we are one of its customers. We buy a small percentage of our supply from Foothill Municipal. In fact, during the winter months, Crescenta Valley Water District pumps between 70% to 85% of water consumption from its own aquifer.

Foothill Municipal had excellent suggestions in its flier, and the Water-Wise Gardener class offered between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday at Altadena Library would be great to attend. I hope we can sponsor another in our community soon. In the meantime, we have some terrific resources for information on water-efficient gardening and watering.

We have three great gardening centers in our area equipped to help you. Orchard Supply Hardware’s Manager Dave Kothe helped the water district explain workable irrigation systems for their spring Water Awareness Day. La Crescenta Nursery, 3654 La Crescenta Ave., is another great resource. One of their most knowledgeable people on drought resistant planting is Steve Lok.

Armstrong Nursery and Garden center, 1515 Foothill Blvd. in La Cañada, has Lisa Blake and Jeannie Moniz as well as others who know about water resistant planting. Some of the staff, on their own time, have taken ongoing courses in sustainable gardening.

I hope these suggestions help in your conservation efforts. And thank you all for your hard work in conserving our precious resource, water.


La Crescenta

EDITOR’S NOTE: Beatty is a member of Crescenta Valley Water District Board of Directors.

Citizens are exercising rights

John McCann, in his Oct. 10 commentary “Rallies foreshadow little hope for America,” forgets his history.

During the previous eight years, the same type of rallies were held going after President Bush. Who can forget some of the great lines like “Bush lied, people died,” “Bush set up 9-1-1” and, of course, the ever popular “Bush=Hitler”? Yes, Patricia Harris went to a rally that McCann most likely would not have wanted to take place; however, she was right — attendees were civil, polite, there were many messages displayed and 1st Amendment rights were exercised.

As for dislike of the current president, this is mild compared to what President Lincoln went through! McCann would do well to remember that it’s in the American character and tradition to question and even dislike your government and to not trust all you are told.

Thus far, all that’s been said about this president is the same that’s said about all past presidents — never trust them at all when it comes to your rights. It seems that America is still safe, people are not rioting in the streets, the feared black helicopters are not descending upon cities; people are simply exercising their rights and letting their government know of their dissatisfaction.

In the area of gun rights and other issues, many people view these issues as perhaps Dr. Phil would in saying that past behavior is a pretty good predictor of future behavior.

As for Walter Cronkite and Fox News, Cronkite’s personal news style helped spawn the news we have today, but that’s another story.

McCann, if we take your supposition that free speech and American dissent are somehow wrong when you don’t like it or it scares you, then you may be more dangerous to free discourse in this country than those with whom you disagree.



Why is she participating now?

With the June primary about eight months away, the people of California are starting to take notice of the gubernatorial candidates — in particular, those of the GOP, in what will be a crucial election for a state that desperately needs change.

Steve Poizner is both a successful entrepreneur and elected official. He has proven time and time again that he possesses the necessary skills to make California’s economy competitive once again. Poizner is the only candidate for governor with a plan to cut taxes for California, which is crucial to the state’s economic recovery. As insurance commissioner, Poizner has demonstrated his commitment to California and an ability to get things done.

Meg Whitman on the other hand has raised great concerns.

As someone who is new to California voters, we have a very small track record to reference when deciding if Whitman is the right candidate for governor. Because of this, people must rely on other means to determine who she is and what she stands for.

That is why the news of her voting record — or lack there of — in recent weeks has been quite disturbing to me. I have been amazed by her conflicting excuses and disregard for the importance of her civic duty. How can someone say they care about California and where it’s headed, when they never cared to exercise such a simple right like the right to vote?

How can we be sure of what she will do for California if we can’t even be sure what she stands for? How can she expect the people of California to trust someone who has been completely absent from the political process for much of her adult life? For someone who is running to lead such a state as ours, we should expect more.

This election is too important and the issues surrounding California are too great to take a gamble on someone with so many question marks about who she is and what she stands for.



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