Mailbag: Better schools mean higher house values

I am a Glendale resident with no children in the Glendale schools; however, I strongly favor a parcel tax (“Educators consider parcel tax,” Nov. 12).

I believe that the quality of the Glendale Unified School District is the strongest influence on our property values. Marlene Walker, who opposes the parcel tax in a letter published Nov. 16 titled “Parcel tax should be reserved for parents,” now benefits from enhanced property values due to our fine school system, and her property will continue to appreciate as long as our schools are better than surrounding communities.


La Crescenta

Writer missed the point on GCC issue

How can Ginger Freibrun (“Garfield campus is needed in these times,” Oct. 22) transform Sarineh Sarian’s words (“Disburse GCC funds more wisely,” Oct. 5) saying that Glendale Community College students “want to pursue their careers and start a life” into “non-credit students do not take their future seriously”?

Sarian did not say that, or imply that. Therefore, it is actually quite unfair to misconstrue her opinion in a way that can be constituted as “offensive.”

Sarian’s quote is in every way valid. The young adults at Glendale Community College are all starting their lives, and the elder students at the Garfield campus have already started theirs years ago. Their careers have been pursued. And just because they haven’t been successful in them does not mean they are at the same level as the younger Glendale Community College students at the main campus.

It is unfortunate that just because Sarian’s words are truthful that some elder Garfield campus students don’t like to hear, they believe it is necessary to turn the idea that Glendale Community College students “want to pursue their careers and start a life” into “non-credit students do not take their future seriously.”

Freibrun asserts that Sarian’s opinions are “one-sided, and I am certain she has never visited the Garfield campus.” It is ludicrous that such an assumption can even be made. How can Freibrun be so certain that Sarian has never visited the Garfield campus? As Glendale residents, we college students have every right to form opinions regarding the policies, funding and decisions within the educational system. We are also the taxpayers of this city. We can have opinions about the funding of our city and the funding of our college campuses.

As a North Hollywood resident, Freibrun has even less standing in these matters. She does not comprehend that we love our city, and that the Glendale Community College and Garfield campuses are both important to us. If she does not find it possible to understand our viewpoint, respect it and not interpret it falsely, she can just as easily attend a college in her own city, or perhaps even in Los Angeles.

This is our city. We can rightfully have opinions about every aspect of it. Rudely dissecting, misinterpreting and manipulating Sarian’s comments is unacceptable behavior. Freibrun should respect our opinions and read an article twice before immediately dismissing it as being “hostile” and “one-sided.”



Public health-care option sorely needed

I agree with the Nov. 14 editorial, “Overhaul nation’s health care now.” Concerned citizens who want to see change in America’s dysfunctional health-care system need to voice their support of our administration’s push for health-care reform with a robust public option. The grass-roots organization, “Organizing for America,” is working to do that on a local level.

I believe equal access to health care is a human right. No American should be denied care or go bankrupt because of health-care costs. Unfortunately, health insurance rates in the United States have skyrocketed way above those of other developed nations that manage to have universal health-care coverage for all their citizens, as well as much better outcomes, such as lower infant mortality rates.

I happen to know firsthand the benefits of the British National Health System. I was born and raised in England, moving to California more than 20 years ago after marrying an American. My family still lives there, and it is because of the responsiveness and quality of the NHS that my mother is a 10-year survivor of breast cancer and my sister was able to go back to an active lifestyle after snapping her Achilles tendon. At no time was their eligibility for services questioned or did they ever receive a bill. I grew up thinking everybody got to go to a doctor if they were sick or hurt, and I had never heard of “preexisting conditions.”

I have insurance coverage (as long as my husband continues to keep his job!) but I would take the British health-care system over ours any day. I am hoping that with reform and a strong public option as a start, one day I’ll say that I think the American health-care system is the best!

This is a great country — we can do it if we are not blinded by misinformation and fear. Take action now!



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