Notable Quotables

“I am so sick of burying these kids.”

— Addiction specialist Cary Quashen at a substance abuse forum organized for the public by Crescenta Valley Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition.


“Not in my wildest dreams did I expect this.”

— Mike Gatto, an attorney and the top Democratic vote-getter in Tuesday's special primary election to fill a vacant office in the 43rd Assembly District, which encompasses much of Glendale and Burbank.


“We feel good.”

— Republican Sunder Ramani, who came in second place during balloting Tuesday for the special primary election in the 43rd Assembly District, where Democrats far outnumber Republicans.


“It just seems whoever's in, you want out.”

— Burbank resident Cynthia Tobin, who voted for a Republican on Tuesday because she thought the Democrat-controlled Legislature was doing a poor job of solving state problems.


“This ordinance and this whole process came about because basically one particular company acted less than respectfully to a neighborhood. And because of that, as a city, it's our responsibility to step in and make sure that doesn't happen again.”

— Councilwoman Laura Friedman on the City Council decision to more strictly regulate where and how cellular antennas are built in residential neighborhoods.


“This whole area is really going to change dramatically.”

— Peter Zovak, Glendale's deputy housing director, on the addition of two affordable housing developments at the city's southernmost edge on San Fernando Road.


“This is my 14th year on the City Council. I've waited five years to be [chairman of] the Redevelopment Agency again. I think it's only proper that positions be rotated occasionally so other members do have a chance. So I am throwing my hat in the ring again.”

— Councilman Dave Weaver before being passed over for the third consecutive year for one of the top leadership spots at City Hall.


“We have to look through every nook and cranny to get through the economic hurricane we're in.”

— Greg Krikorian, Glendale Unified School District Board of Education vice president, on potentially charging Clark Magnet High School families for bus service.

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