Car burglaries drop

SOUTH GLENDALE — Vehicle burglaries have dropped sharply in the past week following the June 26 arrests of two burglary suspects, police said.

The number of thefts have dropped about 80% — from 35 to seven — since Glendale police officers arrested Emanuel Misayeledis, 18, and Haybert Davoudian, 20, South Command Lt. Brian Cohen said.

"People should lock up their stuff," Cohen said. "These are crimes of opportunity. They are going to keep doing it."

South Glendale experienced a rash of vehicle burglaries during the last two weeks of June, Cohen said.

Thieves smashed the windows of 35 vehicles in the area of North Brand Boulevard, Jackson Street and Kenwood, stealing items such as navigation systems, laptops and iPods that were left in plain sight, he said.

Soon after the burglaries, police sent an unmarked patrol car to the area to investigate, with officers stopping the pair soon after.

Inside their vehicle, police allegedly found spark plugs, which are commonly used by thieves to shatter windows because the break is muted.

Misayeledis and Davoudian were arrested on suspicion of burglary and are scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 5, Cohen said.

Both suspects have been arrested in the past in connection with vehicle burglaries, he said.

Four other residential and commercial burglaries have been reported in south Glendale in the last week.

Resident Chris Bosley returned to his apartment on Monday after spending a few hours in downtown, only to find about $5,000 worth in valuables stolen.

Bosley said he left his Cypress Street apartment about 5 p.m. to meet an acquaintance and returned about 7 p.m. to discover a camera, DVDs, money and jewelry had been stolen.

The thieves apparently used a bedroom window that was left open, he said.

"I love Glendale," he said. "I don't want this to happen in Glendale."

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