County pools' chlorine levels in question

Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich on Tuesday called for a thorough investigation into all county pools after more than two dozen swimmers at an Arcadia pool on Monday were exposed to high levels of chlorine, officials said.

In an announcement released Tuesday, Antonovich said he would ask the county's Parks and Recreation and Public Health departments to look into pool conditions.

The departments will be required to report on equipment used to maintain the pools and water-testing procedures. Antonovich is also asking the departments to provide recommendations to guarantee that water quality in the pools meets county standards.

Firefighters and hazardous material teams, including from the Glendale Fire Department, on Monday evacuated the swimmers at the Arcadia County Park pool after they complained of irritation from swimming in the water.

County officials said they discovered the symptoms were likely caused by a pool pump that may have over-chlorinated the water.

Glendale fire pool safety

With temperatures rising and recent reports of drowning victims in other Los Angeles County cities, Glendale firefighters are warning residents to remain vigilant around the pool.

The following are safety tips from the Glendale Fire Department:

• Never leave a child alone near water — on the beach, at a pool or in the bathtub. If you must leave, take your child with you.

• Always follow posted safety precautions.

• If you're visiting a public pool, keep an eye on your kids.

• Place appropriate fencing with self-closing latches around the pool.

• Attend a CPR class.

• Keep lifesaving flotation devices near the pool.

For information on CPR courses, contact the Glendale/Crescenta Valley Red Cross at (818) 243-3121. For more details on pool safety, or to schedule site safety visits with the Glendale Fire Department, call (818) 548-6404.

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