Patricia Margaret Miller

Patricia Margaret Miller was born on August 3, 1935 in Buffalo, New York and passed away on September 6, 2010 in Cotton wood, Arizona. Most of her years were spent living in Burbank, California.

Pat became quite a movie-going individual when her mother began taking her to the movies at the early age of three at the cost of 10 cents. The old movies were still her favorite in her senior years.

With the divorce of her parents, Pat (an only child) learned very early in life how to build a fire in the old cook stove and to do the laundry and other household chores while her mother worked. For all practical purposes these were lessons well-learned and assisted in the independent nature Pat developed during her youth which proved helpful in her teen years to help pay the month rent on the apartment which she and her mother occupied.

Her love of journalism inspired her to write several short stories to various magazines. Her skills in writing and communication became valuable when she began working as a receptionist for the tax and accounting firm of King, King, and Alleman (later known as King, King, Alleman & Jensen) in Burbank, California in April of 1985. She had a remarkable talent/gift of being able to remember voices. Even if the time span were a year or more since a client called, she could call them by their first name. This always amazed people and the clients loved her for she made each of them feel very important.

Pat retired from working at King, King, Alleman & Jensen in 1999 and moved to Cottonwood, Arizona where her aunt and uncle resided.

She was a dedicated individual who had a good sense of humor, loved to read and write poetry, was extremely neat and organized, and could make people feel they were on the top of the world with her compliments. Pat treasured her 1974 Ford Maverick and took extreme care to maintain it properly inside and out. When she could no longer drive, she “traded” the Maverick for a female cat she named, “Sassy” Which provided entertainment and love to Pat on a daily basis.

Pat is preceded in death by her mother, Agnes Miller Popiela.

Graveside memorial services will be held on Thursday, September 16, 2010, 2:00 p.m. at the San Fernando Mission Cemetery. The location is at 11160 Stranwood Avenue, Mission Hills, California.

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