Dog takes a jog through airport

A little black dog made it into and out of Bob Hope Airport quickly Thursday morning — without passing through security.

Officials said a member of the airport's maintenance crew spotted the small dog with long black fur racing along near the runway about 7 a.m. The dog was seen near the airport's fuel field, on the northeast side of the runway.

Within minutes, the dog had squeezed under a fence or escaped when a gate was opened. It bolted onto San Fernando Road, according to airport spokeswoman Lucy Burghdorf.

"He was like a bullet. The incident lasted 10 minutes, maybe less," Burghdorf said.

While she said the dog gave an Alaska Airlines pilot reason to pause momentarily, she said, "It didn't cause any flight delays."

Burghdorf said this is not the first dog to get onto the grounds. A small white dog reached the airfield a few years ago, she said, also without causing significant delays.

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