So many reasons to vote for Colbert

Rep. Adam Schiff recently mailed a letter to Democrats in our 29th Congressional District, claiming that "misguided policies of the Bush administration had brought our economy to the brink of collapse."

Since Bush left office, President Obama, with the help of our incumbent member of the House of Representatives, has added more than $2 trillion to our national debt. In fact, in the first 19 months of the Obama administration, the federal debt held by the public increased by more than $2.5 trillion.

Way to go, Schiff! On behalf of our grandchildren, thanks for your help.

But as a fifth-generation Republican (my great-great grandfather was a former Whig, and a founder of the Republican Party in Illinois in 1854) my objective is not to preach to the choir of fellow believers in the U.S. Constitution, limited government and lower taxes. Indeed not.

Instead, I ask registered Democrats, Independents, Peace and Freedom, Vegetarians, Prohibitionists and Know-Nothings to take heed of our current liberal in Washington, since he asks, "If you can make a small contribution to help me get out the word…"

Schiff obviously needs help. His last federal campaign report reveals that his re-election fund has $1,834,575 in the bank.

The Obama economy has flattened me, my income and my retirement plans. While I'm not able to send a financial contribution, I wish to share some vital facts, adhering to helping him "get out the word" about his voting record:

To parents: Schiff voted "no" on S403, called the "Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act." Your 15-year-old daughter can be driven to another state to have an abortion. Unless you drive the car, you won't even know about it.

To veterans and those serving in the U.S. military: Schiff voted "yes" on HR4899, requiring a stated timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan. Hey, it's only fair to give Al-Qaida a "heads-up" when we're leaving, right?

To those who drive a car: This one is HR2751, voted for by Mr. Schiff — you know, "cash for clunkers," $2 billion in taxes to buy cars for others. Does our congressman drive a Prius or Volkswagen? Just wondering.

To those concerned about our border: HR6095 would provide authority to state and local law enforcement to arrest and transfer "undocumented workers" to federal custody. The incumbent voted "no."

Our resident liberal also includes his criticism that Republican challenger John Colbert calls for "more oil drilling off the California coast."

Let's ignore the vast resources just off our shores and continue to rely upon Mideast oil, especially in Saudi Arabia. After all, without our oil and gasoline purchases, how else could Islamic terrorism be funded, as the Saudis have done for years?

Finally, our resident liberal's missive is his concern about "discontent over the weak economy means that this will be a tough election year — for all those in office." Don't you pity "all those in office"?

Sure — unless you're a congressman making $165,200 a year. That's why on Nov. 2, I'm voting for Colbert.

Allen E. Brandstater


(818) 426-3716

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