Vandalism on the rise

GLENDALE — The number of vandalism incidents in Glendale jumped by 28 last month, according to police crime data.

Reports of vandalism increased from 42 in September to 68 in October, exceeding that month's total for most violent offenses, such as assaults and robberies, according to the Police Department.

And in the past seven days, 21 incidents of vandalism were reported throughout the city — or half of the entire total for September.

Crime analysts said the recent vandalism incidents did not represent a significant jump, "however, the area commanders are concerned and we are going track them and assign some resources to track and hopefully arrest or at least deter," West Command Lt. Bruce Fox said.

In those seven days, eight incidents, including damage to vehicles and tagging of a vacant building, were reported in west Glendale, he said.

Three taggers were arrested in connection with breaking into the vacant building and spray-painting the interior, Fox said.

A 16-year-old boy was also arrested during that period in connection with possessing a spray-paint can, he added.

Another 11 vandalism incidents, including damage to vehicles and tagging on two businesses, occurred in south Glendale during that period, Fox said.

But only three graffiti markings were found during that week, South Command Lt. Brian Cohen said.

Another two incidents in which vehicles were also damaged were reported in the east, Fox said.

The vandalism does not appear to be linked, he said.

While the number of vandalism reports jumped, crimes related to burglaries, theft and alcohol and drugs remain at the top of the city's offenses.

Still, police are trying to make headway on those crimes and have recently arrested numerous bar patrons in connection with drug- and alcohol-related violations, Cohen said.

"It's been really good lately," he said. "Our numbers have dropped in the last couple of months."

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