Public funds need to be managed

In your Oct. 30 editorial "Where were the questions about New Horizons?" you asked, how were the signs missed?

Signs of financial trouble for New Horizons were not missed. Those favored by city officials are exempted from careful vetting.

Melanie Hickens' articles, "Developer accused of fraud," "Housing issues weighed," and "Horizons' troubles bared" give readers the ugly truth about our city government. Good articles, great reporting.

Something improper is taking place in Glendale: the mismanagement of public funds. City officials are putting taxpayer dollars up for grabs by those at the ready to receive — developers, contractors and the moneygrubbers. The improper giving of public funds isn't limited to those like Maria Rochart of New Horizons — check out Glendale's housing rehabilitation program.

The poor and vulnerable living in Glendale are being used to make the dishonest rich. City officials have a duty to protect low-income folks living in Glendale, not exploit them to help others increase their wealth.

My husband and I were participants of the rehabilitation program; I speak from experience.

Cheryl Tuckey


Remembering a great teacher

David C. Leek was my English teacher at Toll Junior High School in 1947.

He was a born teacher. He had the gift. This is long before he went on to a position in the Glendale Unified School District administration.

All these years later, I remember a young man trying to teach students of a difficult age. Leek inspired me. He nurtured me and others in our desire to learn from him. I loved his English class and looked forward to it every day.

What made him so inspiring? The man, the persona, the desire to teach us. I am grateful for that influence in my life.

Dorothy Sundbye

La Crescenta

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