Humans often exercise their right to be stupid

In response to Paul Carroll's letter ("Government has intruded enough" Nov. 29), I am in total agreement. The world has become a place where the common man has to answer for his every move!

We human beings are the masters of this planet. If we want to use plastic bags to bag our groceries once and throw them out of our car windows, that is our right.

Just because they wind up in the ocean and on our beaches or in the bellies of whales is no problem. We have loser liberal organizations like Heal the Bay to send their minions to the beach once or twice a year and waste their time picking them up. What would they do with themselves if they didn't have this to do?

If I want to pour my used oil down the drain, then I will. And if I want to waste water washing my car every day in my driveway and water my grass 24 hours a day, I will! I have every right to do so. I am a human being, and I own this planet!

Also, the crazy liberals will tell you that it is humans who are causing some of this global warming hogwash. Gimme a break! Don't you think ice has ever melted before? Let me tell you this:

If we let government take away our plastic bags, prohibit us from using as much water as we want, or tell me I can't drive my Hummer just because it gets 8 miles a gallon, do you know the next thing they won't let us do?

They won't let us name our own kids, or decide what lettuce we can buy, or possibly even who we are allowed to marry ... hmmmm.

So, don't let government make you reuse your paper bags or, heaven forbid, make you buy a cloth bag that will last 200 trips to the supermarket. It's all about our rights! Our right to be our stupid, shortsighted, bumbling selves from now until we, as nature probably secretly hopes, disappear with our stupid one-use petroleum-based plastic bags firmly stuffed in our mouths.

Dean Briggs


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