Hotel was sacrificed solely for money

The increasing number of visitors at the Americana at Brand is obvious. The growing number of tourists means more profit for the Americana and apparently the city of Glendale.

But on the other hand, the Golden Key Hotel has done well enough in that area and since the Americana was more recently established there, it is not fair to have the hotel's owner lose his business in order to allow Caruso to better sell or rent his apartments and increase the retail area.

The City Council should not have approved a plan that essentially forces the neighboring property owners, specifically of the Golden Key Hotel, to sell their own property, redevelop or to Caruso or lose their property ("Hotelier: City clipped my wings," Dec. 21). In fact, the city sacrifices other properties and businesses in order to gain more money as well as Caruso dose.

Why should the city deprive small, but successful, businesses just to feed the power of a rich person?

Anooshik Vartanian



Now is not the time for bonuses

Hooray for you. I for one will stand behind your objection to the city not revealing detailed information on employee bonuses ("Cities can't bully their newspapers," Dec. 20). This money belongs to the citizens of Burbank, and the bonuses need to be revealed.

This is not the time for anyone to be getting bonuses, raises, etc. People are struggling to get by and without a doubt these bonuses will create higher utility rates down the road. I am very disappointed in our city manager.

Glendale has the right attitude, as I know from when I was employed there. We didn't get raises for several years due to the economy. That is good business.

Luella Noonan


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