Don't let Caruso expand empire

Don't let Caruso expand empire

I recently thought to submit a letter regarding the Golden Key Hotel on Colorado Street that officials at City Hall and Americana at Brand developer Rick Caruso are trying to take away from the owner ("Hotel owner rejects Caruso's $6M offer," Dec. 24).

I then found out there is another piece they are trying to take, the vacant building between the hotel and the mall. Now that building does need to have something done, but it does not have to be city officials that force the issue. Give some guidelines of what would be appropriate and see if the owner will comply.

As for the Golden Key Hotel, it is a very nice hotel that is clean and the owner keeps it up. We don't need Caruso to overtake it and put some more plastic on the street. They probably promised a lot to the Plastic Palace tenants who bought into their ruse on the development.

Investigate these people and see what their pattern is. You should not want any of the city leaders in your neighborhood, or any of the Caruso clan for that matter.

When will anyone learn?

Raymond M. Barp


We deserve more from city leaders

The story about Advanced Development & Investment Inc. ("Builder got millions from Glendale despite concerns about project," Dec. 29) reveals one of two things. At best our city leaders are incompetent, and at worst they are corrupt and incompetent.

Either way, Glendale can't afford either of these options during this critical time. We need to ask ourselves as voters how we allowed such mediocre people to lead us. And now they want to lead us into another losing legal battle where they try to save face and end up only wasting more of our money.

Emma Saunders


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