Redevelopment funds are good for the city

Redevelopment funds are good for the city

I was very happy to see that our city — among others including the city of Los Angeles — has taken action to protect redevelopment funds California dearly wants to obtain in order to solve budget problems in Sacramento ("Council fights to save redevelopment money," Jan. 22).

Being a Glendale resident since 1975, I have seen the use of redevelopment agency funds do many good things for our city.

For example, I have seen downtown Glendale flourish with new jobs, buildings, sidewalks and median strips, and now the Americana at Brand. I strongly believe that Rick Caruso would not have built his mixed-use center had the Redevelopment Agency notstood behind new development where it was sorely needed.

We cannot let Sacramento take over our city, which has been very conservative in its fiscal responsibility to its citizenry.

Arthur D. Rutledge


Too much trash ends up on the freeway

I have noticed there is often a lot of trash on the Golden State (5) and Glendale (2) freeways — and I'm not just talking cigarette butts and bits of paper. I saw an entire refrigerator box sitting in the way of traffic.

I've also seen a trash can, one of those exercise balls used for stretching and a scattered pile of metal shards. These things easily cause large accidents that can cost people their lives. It's understandable why it's hard to clean these types of large obstacles off, knowing how busy these highways are.

It might make sense, though, to pass a regulation on having things inside the back of pick-ups and similar vehicles tightly tied down so they don't fall out.

Bean Mitchell

La Crescenta

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