Let teens work until fine is paid

Regarding the two teens sentenced to pay the cost of repairing damage they caused at Glorietta Park (“Two teens must pay for fire damage,” March 9), probation isn't enough for their crime.

They are at the age of accountability. Their weekends and summer vacations should be spent doing chores for the city of Glendale until that $105,639 is paid off. If it takes 30 years, so be it.

My son got a jay-walking ticket; I refused to pay the fine. I told the judge to let him work it off at the morgue. Never had another problem.

Brenda Miller

Moreno Valley

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The irony of layoffs and donations

Ironic! The Walt Disney Co. plans to lay off 54 Glendale workers (“Disney files layoff notices,” March 16).

The same company will donate $2.5 million to the Red Cross (“Disney donates $2.5M to Japan,” March 16).

This money could be used to pay these workers.

Carlos l. Mejia


Public broadcasting will prevail

I have been a fan of National Public Radio ever since I was introduced to this noteworthy network by a friend. And as long as I can remember, NPR has been targeted and criticized by some politicians or groups, just as it is now.

NPR keeps me informed by providing the most comprehensive news coverage. They educate me with their reviews of books, arts, movies and much more, and they have some of the very best commentators on the air.

I can go on and on.

NPR, so far, has survived all the attacks and flourished and I am sure they will prevail through the current one too, as will PBS, another great public service organization.

Sarkis S. Abrahamian



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