Leave Caruso alone

The Americana at Brand has done more for the city of Glendale than anything or anyone I know that actually lives here.

No longer do I hear, “Glendale!” Or, “where is that?” Rick Caruso has put Glendale on the map. People on the west side and other outlying cities all have heard of the most up and coming city in Los Angeles County. Leave Caruso alone.

It’s quite obvious he knows what he's doing. That's why the City Council has given him almost a free rein. I feel that if people like Lisa Charles (“Rick Caruso and the Galleria,” March 31) and John LoCascio (“History may trip up Nordstrom plan,” March 28) stay out his way, Caruso will continue to do the same.

Do any of us miss the old phone company or the old fire station? No! And the same will be true for that old brick building near the Golden Key Motel.

Caruso has said he plans to handle the old Nordstrom and Mervin's property with something that will be great. I have faith in him. He's done everything he said he would do, including finishing the major construction of the Americana ahead of time.

Caruso has done nothing but good for the city of Glendale, so please stay out of his way.

Fred Magrin


Mohill made a difference

Can one determined resident make a difference?

Mike Mohill set out to run for office on an anti-corruption crusade. Without the estimated 1,760 votes Mohill garnered, incumbent City Councilmen John Drayman or David Weaver would have handily won re-election (“Drayman, Weaver could face upset,” April 6).

This might just set a new dawn of politeness and courtesy from council members toward members of the public who come to speak at oral communications to voice their concerns. The resident they disparage from the dais may just cost one of them their re-election next time around.

Herbert Molano



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