Comments about Drayman were unfounded

Herbert Molano’s critique of Dan Kimber’s column defending former City Councilman John Drayman (“Kimber should look further into ADI history,” April 21) was an amazing feat of condescension and belittlement.

I’ll try to be as smug as Molano, but I doubt I can rise (or is it sink?) to that level!

I too befriended Drayman, and also Molano, and supported them both in their various forays into community activism over the years, and in their respective runs for City Council. I have known them both for many years.

I have witnessed first-hand that it was not Drayman who changed — it was Molano. I have seen him recently become more cynical as he seeks more face time in front of the cameras at City Council meetings.

I consider myself a historian, so I took Molano’s challenge to watch the Redevelopment Agency meeting from July 2008 and read the corresponding Glendale News-Press reports. It was a waste of my time. There was nothing there.

The meeting was to hear plans for the Vassar City Lights project, an affordable housing project within walking distance of bus and train lines. Representing Glendale were Councilmen Drayman, Bob Yousefian, Ara Najarian and Frank Quintero. Representing Advanced Development & Investment, the developer, was Glendale parks commissioner Rodney Kahn (no call for his resignation?).

The only issue brought up was neighborhood parking congestion. Drayman handled the meeting with grace, cordiality, and even cracked a few good jokes.

So Molano, I watched the meeting you suggested, and found your warning that there was something nefarious about Drayman to be a fraud and a cruel hoax.

Glendalians have been duped by Molano and his Vanguard cronies. The whole thing was a con.

Mike Lawler

La Crescenta


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