Optimistic about Manoukian on council

Elections can be very fickle. You think you’re supporting the candidate’s slant on the issues, but all that happens is that the campaign promises are soon forgotten and he or she is already campaigning for the next election.

I supported Rafi Manoukian when he lost the election four years ago, and I was upset at the outcome. He really matured during those four years and had a chance to lick his wounds and reflect on his mistakes.

On April 19, it was the first council meeting that I watched in more than a year. Manoukian made us proud as he came charging out into the arena, challenging all the campaign issues that he had promised. He encountered only one negative associate, who has a habit of self cancellation. By and large, Manoukian was accepted very well.

In these days of economic disaster, his background as a certified public accountant prevails, and the four years of reflection will be quite an asset for us Glendalians. I know the majority of the City Council will wholeheartedly support him.

John Cianfrini


Drayman did a lot of good in Glendale

Please, please spare us from the opinions of agitators Herbert Molano and Mike Mohill!

In spite of the results of the recent election, John Drayman has done more for the good of Glendale than most other local politicians. I hope John will not retire from the political arena!

Francis Adams


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