Not looking forward to Manoukian's term

As a longtime voter, I find myself very unhappy with the idea that we have to put up with Rafi Manoukian. Did we all forget his dirty political tricks in the past? Or that he had to file bankruptcy? What can he bring to the dais?

Kind thoughts to Dave Weaver and John Drayman. More gadflies are needed each week to expose the dirt in Glendale.

Helen Lucas


Guns have no place in pizzerias

On April 22, a group of protesters fought against the right to openly carry firearms around in public places.

In my opinion, sitting next to a man in a pizzeria with a 12-gauge poking out of a backpack could get suspicious, maybe even uncomfortable.

I understand the right to carry firearms and totally agree, but honestly, I think the right to openly carry arms in public places is rash and debatable.

Rutger Wilson

La Crescenta


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