Work on I-5 is worth the trouble

As a driver who is stuck many times in traffic on the Golden State (5) Freeway, I agree with this construction project because it is the backbone of the state’s transportation system, and it connects important employment centers between San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles (“Residents critical of Caltrans,” May 7).

Every day, thousands of drivers are stuck in heavy traffic on Interstate 5. After a long workday, it is annoying and adds stress and pressure to our schedules.

Of course, any project has its negative and positive points, but I think for this construction project, the positive side wins.

Edna Torousian


Tired of being cheated at the counter

Corporate greed has never ceased to amaze me.

It is around us daily. It is in the form of pricing. At some stores, the prices that are marked on the merchandise differ from what we are charged at cash register. We are being charged higher prices, and when we ask questions — which I have done more than once — we get the runaround.

Companies have to make more profit any way they can.

Sarkis Abrahamian


GCC student favors new smoking rules

As a nonsmoking student, I agree with Glendale Community College’s new and tough policy about limited smoking areas (“College enforces new smoking policy,” April 27).

The fact that cigarette smoke is harmful for anyone who breathes it is obvious; however, lots of smokers don’t care about that issue.

Enforcing this rule protects the health of nonsmoking students.

Armen Gharakhani Siraki


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