The Crest' and the high-speed rush

In the August 2011 issue of Motor Trend Magazine there was an article comparing two new BMWs, the M1 and the M3. The author got two California Highway Patrol officers to close a portion of the newly opened Angeles Crest Highway in order to put these cars to the test.

The article goes on to talk about the high-speed turns the cars took and how well the cars took them. When young drivers read an article like this, they too want the rush of taking these high-speed turns. This is an extremely dangerous stunt that can result in major injuries and, as we have seen in the recent weeks, even death.

Growing up in the Glendale area, I have heard many horror stories about the famous Angeles Crest Highway (“Crest deaths prompt investigation,” July 3). With “The Crest” closed for so long, we got a break from hearing about all the accidents that took place there.

However, back in high school, the roads were usually open, and many of the car enthusiasts would talk about going up to “The Crest” to race. Many of these people actually went up in the dead of night, accelerating to lethal speeds.

A few times a year I would hear of someone getting into an accident, usually losing control on a turn and scraping the railings. However, I have heard of cars flipping or even catching on fire. Many people think that they are in control when they really aren't, and a bulk of these accidents and deaths must have been attributed to high speeds.

Alec Bogossian


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