Camp Rosie is full of important lessons

As mentioned in the July 7 article “Camp gives girls a fighting chance,” 25 girls went to Camp Rosie at the Pacific Edison Community Center to take a self-defense class, in which they also learned about fitness, finance, business, and teen relationships, and all these excellent opportunities came with no cost.

I strongly support these community activities, as they strengthen young women and prepare them for the future. This program really helps students build their self-confidence and encourages them to have healthy bodies. Since the students are 12 to 19 years of age, they are also taught about life lessons and other important skills that will assist them in maturing.

These are all great things that young women cannot learn from school alone.

Anahid Eivazi

La Crescenta

La Crescenta road work is a mess

About three months ago, La Crescenta had its roads resurfaced. Whoever was responsible should be fired and the job given to people who want to work. For example, at the cross roads of Altura and Dunsmore it is like driving on a railroad, and the workers’ lights are still sitting there.

They should be ashamed of such poor workmanship. What are we paying for?

P. Tarallo

La Crescenta

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