Freeways are not the answer

I have to chuckle at the July 21 letter “'Carmageddon' is not new to 710 drivers.”

If one looks at the accompanying picture of the Long Beach (710) Freeway, there is very little traffic. Carmageddon? Hardly. especially since Carmageddon on the 405 Freeway did not happen. It is a false comparison.

Plus, there is no missing link or gap in the 710 Freeway. As the caption reads, “The Long Beach (710) Freeway ends...” The writer also fails to mention that the plan for the 4.5 miles in question consists solely of a tunnel. Nor does he mention the thousands of trucks, along with the other vehicles, and the accompanying noise and pollution, that would be forced onto the Foothill (210) Freeway (which runs through North Glendale), should the proposed 4.5 mile tunnel be built.

To pursue the tunnel is a red herring. This is the 21st century. With the ever-increasing port and cargo traffic, we need to look to the future, at 21st-century-and-beyond solutions. Tunnels and more freeways are not the answer.

Sherry Stubbs

North Glendale

Caruso rides to the rescue

Hooray for Rick Caruso!

He comes through for Glendale better than almost anyone in town these days (“Caruso extends lifeline to Glendale's Rose float,” July 21). I was going to send an email earlier, but am so glad I didn't get it done.

We were long time board members when it was the Rose Float Committee, which was under the direction of the city parks and recreation department. Nello Iaccono was the Director.

My late husband, John Sargeant, was the last president when it was still a committee. Then they decided to incorporate, which I think was a huge mistake.

I have not received a membership renewal for at least seven years.

There used to be a tremendous citywide involvement. Notices were sent out with utility bills.

Now? Nothing.

I have long believed that if you don't ask, you won't get. And more important, the Rose Float Assn. board has appeared to function as though its members didn't need anyone but themselves to run the show.

When the late Bill Lofthouse was designing the floats, they were much more unique to the city of Glendale, and of course nowhere near as pricey. Michelle Lofthouse does a good job, but I don't think the association does a very good job of selecting the float. The public is not adequately engaged in decision, which is largely left to the current board members and their individual tastes.

How can you expect the community to get involved if they have nothing to say about the plan? Involvement is how you get support

I still don't know where to send a donation. It's pretty difficult to contribute, if you don't where or how.

It would be a shame to lose this long-standing tradition, but someone needs to let the public know how to get involved in what should truly be a community-wide effort.

Thank you again, Rick, for always seeming to be there when it really counts.

Joanne Sargeant



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