New city manager needs experience

The process of selecting top city officials deserves wide public scrutiny (“Glendale city manager to retire,” July 13).

I fully support the idea put forth by the Armenian National Committee of Glendale (“City manager's selection should be open,” July 29) for the process of finding city leadership that deserves the most comprehensive public evaluation.

A Glendale city manager must have a proven record of significant problem-solving capacity in highly trying circumstances. Though the interests of the Armenian National Committee possibly rests on their concern for the diversity problems that Glendale faces, it is also likely that the demographic problems exemplified by the U.S. Census statistics require a city manager attuned to the needs of all residents.

Glendale is a fragmented city, ethnically and economically. The election results, when evaluated by percentage of immigrants by precinct, show an indubitable divide that is often reflected in its policies and distribution of the city's resources. That is a reality that can't be painted over with weak diversity initiatives like the Unity Fest.

In my opinion, no one has yet to provide, in public, a valid justification for the city's management association. Since anyone who might be considered for promotion to city manager belongs to and benefited financially from the politics of this employee association, he or she is tainted and compromised by their involvement in it.

We need a city manager with wide experience in that role, and with a public record we can assess. Let’s use the eyes of the public, who through the Internet can help in the vetting process.

In the information age, the last thing we need is a closed-door process, or business as usual.

Herbert Molano


Best wishes to Starbird and Howard

I have lived in Glendale more than 50 years. Here in Glendale, we are lucky to have a great city staff and people guiding and working in this city. Nothing in life is perfect or guaranteed, but we do our best in Glendale.

I feel lucky and good that we have City Atty. Scott Howard and City Manager Jim Starbird. They care about the well-being of Glendale, not personal or financial gains.

We need to continue with a common sense approach and the good ethics in this city. I believe in oral communication at the City Council meetings for citizens to speak what’s on their minds.

Let’s continue to work together. But my own experience with Barry Allen and his crew is so upsetting.

The truth and facts do not count with Allen. To continue to hurt and make up trouble for the city and anyone who contributes to the city gets old and hateful.

Can you imagine Allen and Mike Mohill managing and running our city?

To Starbird and Howard: thank you for all your years of service and caring. It’s been an honor to have you treat the city with care.

Jim Canfield


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