Expanding 710 would improve backyard

The short-sighted attitude of NIMBY Glendale residents completely misses the big picture.

The completion of the Long Beach (710) Freeway is not really an expansion, but simply a completion of a freeway that should have been finished years ago (“Freeway expansions not the answer,” July 24). This missing link creates heavily unbalanced traffic patterns on other freeways and highways, especially the Harbor (110) and the Golden State (5) Freeway (which, of course, also runs through Glendale).

Do the people of Northern Glendale simply stay in their little cocoon and never travel these other crowded roadways? This extension would help even out traffic patterns in the entire freeway system.

Trucks, noise, pollution? Of course! But aren't there always improvement projects going on in Glendale and elsewhere? This is nothing new. We need improvements. Why do whiny residents of North Glendale think they should have a special exemption from highway improvements “in their backyard”?

Let's grow up and finish the job.

Byron Harris


Sons of Norway offers condolences

Edvard Grieg Lodge, Sons of Norway #74, in Glendale wishes to express our condolences to the nation of Norway and their citizens who were involved in the recent horrendous events.

We also wish to acknowledge and support our members and other local Norwegians whose families have been affected by this tragedy. It is certain that Norway, its citizens, and fellow Scandinavians will move strongly forward as seen by their remarkable recovery from World War II.

They will proceed with dignity and strength of heritage.

Jo Ness


Editor’s note: Ness is president of the Edvard Grieg Lodge.

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