Bites and Sights: A home cooked meal at Mamitas

I’m not sure I knew what Peruvian food was until my husband took me to Mamitas Peruvian restaurant in Glendale about five years ago. One taste of their spicy green chili sauce and tasty entrees and I was hooked.

The modest setting of the restaurant makes you feel like you’re stepping into someones private home as the tantalizing smells of sauteed onions and french fries waft in through the kitchen.

I always order the same thing, pollo saltado and a side of plantaines. Pollo saltado is a traditional Peruvian dish consisting of strips of marinated chicken, red onions, parsley and tomatoes all stir fried together with French fries. How can you go wrong, right? It is also served with a bed of rice that I love to drizzle their spicy green chili sauce. To top it off, a side of fried plantains gives the perfect amount of sweetness to this delicious meal.

Every time I’ve visited Mamitas I’ve walked out happy and satisfied and with the feeling that I had just enjoyed a really good home cooked meal. 

Garinee Soudjian is a writer, blogger who is passionate about food and community. She can be reached at

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