Supervisor districts aren't settled yet

While the current proposal for changing the county supervisory districts keeps Altadena intact and firmly in the district of Michael D. Antonovich, the battle isn't over yet.

Supervisor Gloria Molina and what the LA Times calls "Latino activists" are pushing for district boundaries that would in effect create a second majority Latino district and thus reflect the demographic reality that the county is 48% Latino.  A recent LA Times article says that Supervisor Don Knabe of Cerritos, who can run for one more term, will be pushed from a Republican district to one that is majority Latino and tends to vote Democrat.

The supervisors' appointed Boundary Review Committee drew up the current proposal that the supervisors will consider.  However, among the alternative boundaries that the committee considered and rejected included plans drawn up or favored by the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF) and other groups, which would either put Altadena under Molina, or split the town between Molina and Antonovich.


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